Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Take 5- The 5 Minute Challenge

TAKE 5 - From my own experiences of rushing around to get things done and working with clients, I often notice how easy it can be to get stuck in the "rat race" and forget to take even a few moments each day for self. Whether you're on a train, rushing through traffic, racing around to meet clients or pick up the kids, Take 5 is a great challenge for you! The busier you are, the more important it is to find a place in your mind where you feel centered and connected. 
The inspiration for Take 5 (minutes) comes from my own need to take 5 minutes out of my day for Peace, Gratitude, Harmony, Friendship, Love and so much more. I always feel so much better when I start my day with something positive and uplifting, versus running off a list of things that have to be completed in the day within moments of waking. I hope you will join me, so we can Take 5 and better our days together!
Take 5 - Send a message to someone in your life who has made a difference

This morning a friend mentioned that she is seeing a specialist and how she feels lucky that the Doctor kept her on as a patient, since he has decided to focus his time on clinical research, rather than seeing patients. This got me to thinking about the Doctor and whether or not he really knows what a difference he has made in her life. To him, she could be "just another patient," but to her, his attention and dedication has helped her to heal and change her life.

This has inspired me to "Take 5" and give Thanks to the people in my life who I often forget to thank for their contribution, hard work, patience, love, kindness, or anything else they have shared with me. Is there someone in your life who you can Take 5 for and share a message of thanks, with which they can start their day?

Wishing you all a beautiful day ahead!!
 Love & Light,

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